The Scan, or 3D Scanning, enables to capture the surface of components in three dimensions, and generating digital files for a wide range of applications. With the state-of-the-art scanners, the Tryber Technologia scans the physical part and enables reverse engineering processes for components, implements and machines manufacturers. See below the main service applications.



It's possible to make a new project from an existing part, creating loyal shapes and correcting process errors, even without having the original design. With this it's possible to manufacture parts intended for equipment that no longer find service replacement items in the market.



The high volumetric accuracy of 3D scanning assists in parts improvement still in prototyping phase. The scanned models are compared to the original design, which reveals possible discrepancies and allows adjustments to be made prior to series production.



The 3D Scanning can be applied to evaluate the dimensional characteristics of manufactured parts, through periodic scanning of produced items. This procedure enhances the quality control of industry and prevents dimensional deviations in products intended for the market.